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We are an all-inclusive 8-day summer snowboard camp located on Mt.

Hood, Oregon determined to show you the best time of your life. Hood’s glacier and massive winter snowfalls we are able to snowboard the best 100% snowboard parks all summer long.

We offer six, 8-day summer camp sessions, and our staff of over 100 are some of the finest humans you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

All sessions offered at High Cascade are world-class snowboard freestyle camps.

We also offer optional learn to ride Soft Start™ coaching Session One - Four and Hot Laps™ freeride coaching Sessions One and Two. The picturesque alpine village of Government Camp, located at the 4000-foot level of Mt. Not only the closest, Government Camp has all the life you’d want with Cobra Dogs, Volcano Cones, The Burton Demo Center, and other great little restaurants and shops to explore.

For more information on Soft Start™ and Hot Laps™ click the links to the right. When you are in the human experience business, your people are what make the difference and that could not be more true than at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. We have never cancelled a session due to lack of snow. It’s not so much that we have the most jumps, rails, freeride terrain and North America’s only 22′ Superpipe for snowboarders, it’s that they’re purpose-built for snowboarding and snowboard coaching (which means your rapid, safe progression). Hood is the only mountain in North America where you can freeride on over two miles of groomed trails in the summertime. Just taking a walk down main street to grab a hot dog is an experience in itself.

We don’t tack on extra fees for airport transportation, food, or activities. As a Young Adult camper, you still get to ride the world’s only 100% Snowboarding™ summer snowboard camp next to some of the biggest names in snowboarding, all with unlimited on and off-hill activities.

What makes your experience different is you get to do all the awesome things at camp with people your own age, on your own time.

We’ve taken all of the best parts of HCSC and added some of the freedoms that Adult Campers get and made a program that is perfect for those of you 18-20 years-old. If you’re a snowboarder of ANY ability level between the ages of 18 and 20 years old – this is the place for you.

We’d love to have a better name for this than “Young Adult.” Simply put, you are of the age where you can vote and go to war but not drink alcohol. Hit us up on email with your idea: And while we’re on the subject of you not quite being able to drink alcohol or rent cars, please note that HCSC’s ‘The Big 6’ rules still apply and will be strongly enforced. Whether you come alone or with a friend, you’ll meet snowboarders, skateboarders and generally awesome people from all across the country and globe.

We have campers who have literally never seen snow and campers who are good enough to be pros.

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