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I am forever amazed at how Frederick Douglas focused upon and obtained his own freedom, long before America battled within herself to free the slaves.

Douglas lived a full life as an author, statesman, and abolitionist.

He was arguably the greatest orator of the 19 century.

His skills as a public speaker were so refined that many of his white abolitionists became offended because although they wanted blacks to be free, they certainly didn’t think that a black man should out shine them in the arena of public oratory.

Some were known to say that the excellence of Frederick Douglas as a speaker was just going a bit too far and he needed to tone it down a bit.

Many abolitionists, believed blacks to be victims who would always need help – the way that progressive liberals view black Americans today. Douglas argued that blacks were just as capable as everyone else to fend for themselves.

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The great Frederick Douglas was born into slavery in 1818 and died one of the major pillars of American History in 1895.

He refused to accept the bonds of physical external slavery heaped upon him by others. Douglas also did not succumb to self-inflicted slavery in his own mind.

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