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At completion, the collection will offer 500 hours of high quality content essential to the core curriculum.

The wide range of topics covered includes international coverage, allowing for a comparative view of criminal justice systems.

Subject areas include: corrections, courts and adjudication, crime typology, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminology, first responders, forensics, juvenile justice, law enforcement, substance abuse/re-entry, victimology, and violent crime.

The PBS Video Collection (2015-2017) also contains a number of streaming videos, including: The Confessions Juvenile Justice Law and Disorder Lost in Detention : The Hidden World of Immigration Enforcement The Meth Epidemic The Plea The Pot Republic .

This will keep videos intended for course use in the library for student viewing.

Faculty may be able to arrange special permission to check out the reserved video for a classroom showing by contacting the DMC.

Feel free to recommend your favorite documentary or feature film for acquisition by the library. Investigative Reports (A&E Television Networks, 2000) mins Streaming video from Criminal Justice and Public Safety Video.

Better yet the Library will be happy to accept donations and they are tax deductible too! : This special documentary follows the lives and struggles of women in Louisiana's most notorious prison for female inmates: the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women....

Her struggle is to convince the warden to build a cemetery on the compound for her burial....

We also follow 24 year old Adine Rayford as she delivers her second child and is forced to leave it at the hospital as she returns back to prison.

Meanwhile Heather Zerangue, a young girl from New Orleans, who had a brief career in modelling before coming to prison, approaches her first parole hearing, nervous that her mother is going to show up and speak against her.... A4 2008 Video DVD : The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure?

Here is a selection of documentaries available in the MSU Main Library G. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, the MSU College of Law Library, and the Library of Michigan.

(There are also a few additional films available via Net Flix Streaming Video in the list which require a personal subscription.) If you search Our Online Catalog using the word videorecording or documentary in addition to crime, gangs, etc., you may be able to find additional films available in either the MSU Main Library, the MSU College of Law Library, or the Library of Michigan Library in downtown Lansing.

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