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It turns out that the range of dating sites out there has not yet been exhausted.

It doesn’t have to be this way – when it comes to love and romance, everybody has an equal chance of experiencing true happiness.In a society that places physical attractiveness above all, it can be difficult to find true love and build meaningful relationships if you think you are not one of those attractive and sexy people.Pubs, clubs, bars and other places to meet can seem intimidating if you are not confident in your appearance.Another bizarre aspect is found on the homepage: some of the featured profiles (which aren't hyperlinked), appear to be handpicked to shock, with a few unflattering poses and one large woman showing a lot of skin, but if you click through actual profiles, the overwhelming impression is of people that are conventionally attractive. Ugly Daters Get Own Web Site [The Sun]Earlier: Sex, Lies And Stereotypes: Can Women Really Get Laid Whenever They Want?Security researchers find personal data leaked for more than 1 million users of the "elite" dating site Beautiful And it's not just your typical usernames and emails but also specific details on what these people look like. Researches worked with Forbes and verified that a number of these accounts are real people. The site often brags about denying access to people deemed too ugly to join, and last year the site announced it dumped more than 3000 members For gaining weight or looking old.

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Spotify users may also be dealing with a hacking headache. [MUSIC] If you've ever been denied entry into the elite dating site, Well, it's time to be grateful that you were rejected from the shallow network, because the personal details of more than one million members of Beautiful People have been leaked online, that's according to a report from Forbes. To report this story right, I need some appropriate background music. Exact addresses, income, education, current employment, mobile phone numbers. The dating site released a statement that anyone who joined after of July of last year was not. But before you laugh at the pain of the genetically blessed, Spotify users may also be dealing with some hacking drama.

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