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The anime adaptation of Toriko, directed by Akifumi Zako and animated by Toei Animation, started broadcasting on Fuji Television on April 3, 2011.The anime entered its third year on the 7th of April, 2013.A cross-over special between Toriko and One Piece coincided with the premiere on April 3, 2011, counting as Episode 1 of Toriko, and Episode 492 of One Piece.

Opening theme (serves as the series' 2nd OP theme), Goushoku My Way!!, by Akira Kushida, starts from episode 99 onwards.The eighth ending theme, spanning episodes 100 to 111, "Akai Kutsu", is performed by Salley. Toriko and Luffy meet for the first time on a food filled island and decide to team up to get their hands on the legendary ingredient and taste its wonder.Starting with episode 3 on April 20, the series was rescheduled to stream within three days after the Japanese broadcast.FUNimation has licensed Toriko for Home Video release.

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