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Fans are hoping that Nina Dobrev will return for the series finale of the show, no matter when that is, so that Elena and Damon can have their happy ending and that fans can have closure.

Ending the show any other way but having Damon and Elena together will anger loyal viewers who have been watching their relationship unfold for years and are very invested in the “Delena” relationship.

Of course, Stefan would also need a happy ending, possibly with Valerie.

Sinopsis: Caroline trata de intervenir convenciendo a Elena que Stefan es el amor de su vida, pero Elena le dice que está realmente confundida.

Nikki allegedly caused trouble on set for Somerhalder and Dobrev, and Nina just wasn’t having it anymore.

As a result, she left the series, and Ian married Nikki a few months later.

Currently, has put Elena in a magical sleep coma that is linked with Bonnie Bennett’s life. However, Bonnie could die at any moment or 70 years down the road.

If Caroline goes, that could mean Alaric and his daughters could also transition, and Bonnie, being the power witch that she is, could also be useful.

However, bringing Damon and Stefan along would be pointless, as it would be too much like their current show and leave fans with too many male leading characters.

does get canceled, there may be one bright side to the situation, and that could be a Damon and Elena reunion.

The fan favorite CW series is rumored to be circling around the dreaded word no actor wants to hear, cancellation, and Ian Somerhalder is not happy about it.

According to cancellation talk is getting to Ian Somerhalder, who plays the hunky Damon Salvatore on the show.

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