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In conversational Vietnamese, the proper way to refer to yourself and others depends on a hierarchy of age and sex.

Many of the terms have a literal meaning of family relationships, though they are used for all people on all occasions.

Options include: Choose one from the list to represent yourself, and one to represent the person you are talking to, depending on sex and relative age.

For example, to get the attention of a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, say em/anh/chi oi (oi being the ubiquitous Vietnamese term for "hey").

One important difference between Vietnamese and Western languages is that Vietnamese has no polite equivalent of the second-person pronoun, "you." Only very close acquaintances and friends use the second-person pronoun "May" (pronounced "mhay" with a heavy A and accentuated Y), as it is considered very impolite between strangers.

It is roughly equivalent to the pronoun "Omae" in Japanese.

For example, instead of saying "I think you are very beautiful" to a girl you like, you might say, "This older male thinks you (the younger female) very beautiful" or abridge it to "You (the younger female) are very beautiful." There is always an overt implication in how you address someone according to their age and sex.To Western ears, talking in the third person sounds stilted and pretentious, but to Vietnamese ears, it is the social norm.Vietnamese has a word for "I", tôi, but Vietnamese would use it only in abstract or formal situations (such as public speaking, addressing a television camera, or writing in a book.) Only foreigners use tôi in conversation, which sounds stilted to Vietnamese, but they understand why it is done and come to expect it.Vietnamese is one of the most spoken languages in the world, with around 90 million native speakers.It is the official language of Vietnam and is also widely spoken in places where the Vietnamese have immigrated, such as the United States, France and Australia.

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