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The sun makes the leather super hot and the shoes do not breathe, so I could not skate in them.I would not recommend these shoes as the leather is extremely stiff and after a few weeks of wearing them, not skating in them, the heel is coming apart. I don't know what the suede ones feel like just these pure leather ones, based on the feel of the shoe I would say it is comfy and if they were more easy to break in I bet they would be great skate shoes.Opt for suede not leather, I chose to be stylish and it bit me in the rear. Tough material, seams are holding up well after some abuse.Comfortable although the heel will destroy your achilles spot if you walk any appreciable distance in these.I wear them to work and out to bars and restaurants and they're perfect. With a bit more padding in the sole, they are perfect. Been searching for a while for a professional looking, casual shoe to rock the creative class. I bought 3 other Supras and ended up keeping these.The minimalism is awesome, although the branding is garish and ugly. All had the same comfort (decent) but these had the fun design in them, and more importantly, were actually high-tops.The others seem to be a mid or at the lower end of a high-top.If you are looking for a casual, standard, but a bit funky high-top, go with these.

My feet are wide, so the shape of my skate shoes torque and become mis shaped after a week.

The fact that these shoes maintained their form is really important to me.

I am extremely satisfied with the Ellington, which are as timeless, tough, rad and as stylish as Erik himself.

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Founded in 2006, SUPRA® is one of the worlds leading independent footwear brands.

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SUPRA is recognized for its groundbreaking silhouettes, unique combination of materials, and dynamic color stories.

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