Summercamp adult story

I’ll never forget watching that video for the first time.

It was a video introducing the exercises and meditation of Falun Gong—a style of Chinese yoga rooted in Buddhist principles, also known as Falun Dafa.

I came to see religion as a tool for powerful people to subjugate the masses.I decided that science would be enough as a worldview, a paradigm. I made excellent contacts in my areas of interest, established great collaborations, found ideal field sites.I dabbled in Daoist Tai Chi a bit, but purely for purposes of relaxation. What really interested me was non-Darwinian models of evolution.I studied to become a biologist, with particular interest in ecology, evolution, and conservation. For my doctoral studies, I did field research in Madagascar to study apparent hybridization between different species of lemur.Returning from the field, I began to feel weak, depressed, and after some time, my ability to do simple things progressively degenerated.

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Working with micro lab tools became progressively more laborious and difficult.

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