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This experience goes all the way back to the 70s when Cathie and I were just married.I had a great job offer, but it required that we move some distance from our families.We moved to a nice neighborhood, and many of the new neighbors were friendly enough; but we both worked so it took a while to get to know people. I guess he was in his late 40's, and so was the wife.They were friendly, and the first to sort of take us under their wing.I suppose their being the ages of our parents made it somewhat more comfortable for Cathie and me as they seemed at first like surrogate parents.After a couple of months, they invited us to come along with them and another out-of-state couple, who were visiting them, on a small river boat they had rented for the day.

Some of it was inappropriate, but what could you do? I felt a little odd and told them they still looked just fine.The men talked about their virility in their 20s and asked how often me and my wife did it. Then my neighbor's wife said in the old days she wouldn't shy away from skinny dipping. The other two wives seemed game and talked to Cathie saying they would do it if she would.This turned the conversation, and to everyone's amazement, the two guys pulled down their shorts in unison and egged us all on to follow suit. The other men encouraged her, saying not to ruin the fun. Then to my amazementshe started peeling off her bathing suit! The women were giggling, but I noticed the men staring at my wife in silence as she got naked. My wife came up to me and told me I had to follow suit too.Otto, our neighbor, was doing the driving (both boat and car) so he was going easy on beer, but was a good host and made sure our cups were full.The other couple were long time friends of Otto and Helga, and the conversation started to get more and more daring, some sexual jokes, some personal opinion and desires about sex, etc.

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