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An entire batch of next generation dating sites have emerged that are starting to nip at the established players. Recently, even Google has entered the space through their Google Base product.

One, Plentyof Fish, launched in 2003 and has over half a million monthly U. One big difference is that these sites are (mostly) free, making revenue from ad sales alone.

But many of these sites are also experimenting with new ways to introduce people who may be a good match. Consumating launched in the summer of 2005, was acquired by CNET in December 2005 and relaunched last month with a new interface and features.

Users can browse as either matchmakers, recommending their friends, or as a dater looking for that special someone for a wing(wo)man to introduce them too.Daters can also directly email each other, however.Added features include user voting on potential couple’s compatibility as well as both dater and matchmaker reputations.(European Myth & Legend) a dwarf in a German folktale who aids the king's bride on condition that she give him her first child or guess the dwarf's name.She guesses correctly and in his rage he destroys himself Rumpelstiltskin - a dwarf in one of the fairy stories of the brothers Grimm; tells a woman he will not hold her to a promise if she can guess his name and when she discovers it he is so furious that he destroys himself, you could argue, is fatally flawed, having as its title the answer to the crucial riddle at the heart of the plot, but this adaptation by Mike Kenny, an Olivier Award-winning playwright, is brilliant.

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Online dating is big business, drawing about 4 million U. Internet users daily in June 2006 (and 25 million monthly), and they spend a daily average of nearly 17 minutes each on these sites.

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