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He favors open borders, single-payer universal health insurance, and greater government control over media ownership.

Bush has a father and a brother who occupied the Oval Office, and the capacity to raise massive amounts of campaign cash.

He has alienated conservatives, though, by embracing immigration reform and 'Common Core' education standards.

Graham was a non-factor until a March summit in Iowa where he stole the show and put himself on the map. John Mc Cain has praised him as the best person to help right America's foreign-relations ship Kasich is a popular governor in the battleground Buckeye State, but has little name-recognition elsewhere.

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He's known as an affable Christian and built a huge following on his weekend television program. He complained in 2014 about Obamacare's contraception coverage, saying Democrats want women to 'believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar.' And in 2015 he earned scorn for hawking herbal supplements in infomercials as a diabetes cure.

Paul embraces positions that are at odds with most in the GOP, including anti-interventionist foreign policy, criminal drug sentencing reform for African-Americans and limits on government electronic surveillance.

Paul's politics are aligned with those of his father, whom mainstream GOPers saw as kooky.

Both Pauls have advocated for a brand of libertarianism that forces government to stop domestic surveillance programs and limits foreign interventions.

Rubio was part of a bipartisan 'gang of eight' senators who crafted an Obama-approved immigration reform bill in 2013 which never became law – a move that angered conservative Republicans.

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