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For one thing, it's full of all the pet things that Carpenter appeared to enjoy exploring in his other movies - in fact, it almost reads like a compression of all his earlier films into a single story.

Its Western underpinnings and siege finale are straight out of right down to their leader, whose long hair, pale skin and black eye make-up recall the look of Alice Cooper's cameo in that earlier film.

Somehow, though, Carpenter never quite gets a rein on all of this stuff in the way he did in those earlier movies.

Although some of the efforts to convince us that we're looking at a settlement on Mars aren't bad - some of the interior sets are quite good, as are the miniature effects used to create an armoured Martian train - it has to be said that the exterior shots really do look like they've been shot in the middle of a terrestrial colony at night.

Fortunately, the landscape will soon be covered in far too many severed limbs to notice too much.

element by element, it's a bit of a shame it didn't come off as a better enterprise than it did.

Filmmaker John Carpenter isn't just a respected genre director.

He's the screenwriter, producer, director and musician behind some of the greatest science fiction, horror and action films ever made, including meanwhile, came out in 2001, a point in Carpenter's career where he admitted that he'd "burned out" creatively.

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