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As Sam Owen says, ’’a loving romantic relationship can assist an increase in self-esteem and confidence, especially if you have been feeling a bit like you have been left on the shelf.’’ Of course, a loving relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual to be fulfilling.

Indeed, Owen believes that the love in itself can boost self esteem.

This in itself is good news as ‘’an increase in self-esteem helps us to make better decisions, experience fewer negative emotions [and] feel more optimistic about the world.'' Finding love as an older single can make you feel wonderful, a fact that applies whether this for you means sex or, simply, companionship.

Both are equally valid choices and both can boost self esteem.

Are you an older single who is looking for love in NZ? At Elite Singles a growing number of our Kiwi members are aged 50+, meaning that if you are looking for a relationship with someone on your wavelength, you’ve come to the right place. might bring with it mental pictures of blue rinses and carpet slippers, in practice mature daters are simply those who have been round the block once or twice.

They might be bereaved, divorced or yet to settle down but they share a common goal of finding love and companionship.

with almost three-quarters of [this] growth occurring among those aged 55 years and over.’’ Of course, it is one thing to know that there are others like you out there. Although there are plenty of Kiwis flying solo after 50, determining who is and isn’t available can be an awkward process.After all, not everybody has other singles in their work or friendship circles and meeting someone socially can be tricky at best.Yet there is one place where you can reliably find more mature daters – on the web.Indeed, the fastest growing online dating group is the over 50s.It’s really not surprising that internet dating is so popular with those aged 50, 60 or even 70+.

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After all, online dating sites like Elite Singles offer an excellent opportunity to clearly lay out personality and relationship desires.

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