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If u like this, Highschool Dx D is recommended (season one is over). Manga is still ongoing but Chapters aren't continues, their added ever so often. if you want 0 chance of fan service go back to naruto where you clearly came from.

Desde entonces su amiga de la infancia, Kuzaki Rinko, lo ha cuidado.Su abuela le dejo un amuleto misterioso, una bola roja, dado como amuleto de buena suerte(un Omamori).En su cumpleaños número 16, este amuleto pierde su poder, y en su vida aparece Himari.Hola, esperamos que la estes pasando bien viendo Omamori Himari, si tienes algun problema con el video Omamori Himari 2 no dudes en reportarlo.Recuerda que en Ver Jk Anime puedes ver videos gratis y sin ningun tipo de restriccion, no olvides recomendarnos con tus amigos.

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I didn't like this ending and what's with the ending credits some werid thing huh man that yuto guy was driving me crazy when he can't use the light furry man this must be one of the horrible ending :( its alright. i mean, I was okay with it, but id rather have a grand farewell than a halfassed "i can't do it yet so stay till Im able to".

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