Misters bins online dating

I finally found a girl who likes to spit waited all day and all damn night but sh!

t it seemed like im the only one who could drop a line but then I found a rappin jasmine, and damn was she fine I had a couple girlfriends but aint got no kids Perhaps I’ll get a reply, since I’m loaded with wits but if I don’t its all good, she’ll remember me though shes a diamond in the rough amongst plenty of hoes I got a recording studio, this is what I do for fun.

You won my quick message in requiring it be in rap context lol, i make rap songs and throw them out into the internet.

Screw the band phish, I just turned Chicago – hold me now, into a rap song today Quoting lines from Aladdin, going in for the win A dude digging Disney delights this sassy Jasmine Not like these other fish failin’ at swimmin’ Ugh, where should I even bother to begin?

Endless messages, with trash contained therein Givin’ me headaches, needin’ acetaminophen Then they get hit with the rhymes and they cry, thin skin They’re not men, just pussies, need a flippin’ O-B-G-Y-N I devour these fish like I’m a fuckin’ pelican Sometimes I wonder, are they even human?

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