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European-Canadian growth led to the eventual displacement of the Mississaugas.

In 1847, the government relocated them to a reserve in the Grand River Valley near present-day Hagersville.

In 1873, in light of the continued growth seen in this area much as a result of the many railway lines passing through the township which spurred on industry, the Toronto Township Council was formed to oversee the affairs of the various villages that were unincorporated at that time.

The Council's responsibilities included road maintenance, the establishment of a police force, and mail delivery service.

is a Canadian city in Southern Ontario on the shores of Lake Ontario, located in the Regional Municipality of Peel, in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area.

The city has a population of 713,443 as of the Canada 2011 Census, and is Canada's sixth-most populous municipality. The city is well positioned because of its growth and its proximity to Toronto.

It has placed fourth of 'large cities of the future' by f Di Magazine for North and South American cities.

By 1700 the Mississaugas had driven away the Iroquois.Toronto Township, consisting of most of present-day Mississauga, was formed on August 2, 1805 when officials from York (what is now Toronto) purchased 84,000 acres (340 km²) of land from the Mississaugas.In January 2010, the Mississaugas and the federal government settled a land claim, in which the band received 5,000,000, as more just compensation for their land and lost income.The original villages (and some later towns) settled included: Lakeview, Clarkson, Cooksville, Dixie, Erindale (called Springfield until 1890), Lorne Park, Port Credit, Sheridan, and Summerville.This region would become known as Toronto Township.

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