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If you can’t find a few good things about yourself then honestly you shouldn’t even be considering a relationship with someone else.

In that case it’s time to do some serious soul searching and self work and perhaps find a good therapist to help you work through your issues. You can’t look for someone who brings out the best in you without believing that the best is already inside you somewhere. Tags: advice, BBW Dating, Dating tips, Happiness, Love, Love Advice, Marriage, Mental Health, Relationship, Romance, Self-esteem, Self-Help, Singles, Tips.

Leave a Comment »Between the ages of 18 and 22 I lived in an area of Southern California that had several Military Bases.

When my friends and I would go to one of the larger local dance clubs we felt like meat on a slab. We just wanted to drink, dance in our little group and have a lot of fun.

The reality is that when it comes to love and relationships, we will only get what we think we are worth.It’s a lot easier to blame the world than it is to accept the truth about ourselves.If deep down inside you think there is something wrong with you then you will find yourself settling for just about anyone who shows interest in you that comes your way.We find ourselves thinking that people in general just suck when it’s really our low self esteem that is the cause of our misery.It’s what makes us settle for the people who do not value us and treat us the way we should be treated.

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