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“We do sell one healthy thing – water,” he joked in September last year.Mr Thorburn made the comments almost eight weeks before Tiahleigh Palmer vanished.While she lived with the Thorburns, Tiahleigh had been attending Marsden State High School, where Chaplain Ian Pratt said she was a free spirit who passionately threw herself into a range of creative pursuits.The seventh grader was also described as “not always perfect” and an occasional truant from classes, but there was no suggestion of the alleged abuse that was unfolding at her new foster home.Tiahleigh had been placed with the Thorburns after spending a happy three years with a foster mother in Gympie, just over 200km north of the Chambers Flat house where she spent her final months.The schoolgirl lived with Julie Pemberton in the Logan area for years until December 2014, when Ms Pemberton decided to stop acting as a foster carer.Tiahleigh had been removed from the care of her biological mother, Cyndi Palmer, who was in and out of police custody with drug problems between 20.

The 19-year-old, who lived with his brother Josh, 20, and mother Julene has been charged with incest while Rick Thorburn, 56, has been charged with Tiahleigh’s murder. Following a serious back injury which forced him to give up his job as a truckie, Rick Thorburn had tried a number of jobs to feed his family.A car enthusiast, he had sold vehicle and engine parts from the property.He was also a devotee of American culture and came up with the idea to sell US food from a truck he drove to festivals and other events in the Logan area.A month after Tiahleigh moved into the Thorburn’s home, Rick Thorburn took his food van — which he named Nothing Healthy Here — and travelled around with his sons Trent and Josh selling hot dogs, hot jam doughnuts, churros and pancakes from the van.“We saw the quality of food at other places and decided we could do it bigger and better.

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