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So she thought to herself, "Why can’t there be some place where you can research to find that person?

" and that’s how she came up with the idea for Stroovy.

[She] and I also met through online dating, and it was the same situation for me.

I had gotten out of a 23-year relationship, [Rebecca and I] dated briefly, and she brought up this idea to me.

If you own a small business and think you should step up your visual presence online, we should talk.

Family, friends and ex-dates can review dating site users on Stroovy, informing others about the person's positive and negative qualities and, Early says, making online dating safer. We spend more time researching toasters than we do researching whom we’re going to spend time with.

Rebecca was in a relationship for 20 years, and once she got out of that relationship, she decided to try online dating.

She met some really nice people, but she also had some really bad experiences.

One of the most adult things I've ever done since the launch of my business has been joining the Chamber of Commerce in Sonoma.

The Chamber is run by a fabulous group of women and I had the honor of photographing them around the historic square a few weeks ago.

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I really respect what they're doing for the community and wow are they a bunch of hard working characters.

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