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The city of Mashhad serves as the spiritual capital of Iran.This city owes its significance to Imam Reza’s shrine which is the burial site of Ali Ibn Musa al-Ridha, the seventh descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the eighth imam in the Twelver Shi’i tradition.Imam Reza’s Shrine complex, which is the largest mosque in the world by dimension and the second largest by capacity, is located at the heart of the city.

However, the achievements of the previous Persian civilizations were not lost but were to a great extent embraced by the new Islamic state.Ansarin: Iran and Islam owe one another a debt of gratitude.In other words, Islam has had a critical role in constructing Iranian civilization.It’s run by the most powerful non-government organization in Iran….There are thousands of servants here…volunteer to provide calm and comfort to the pilgrims….

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