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I let him finger her and started rubbing his hand like he did mine to let him know we were on the same page.

That is when Bob said, "I want to see you fuck her now.

She loves fucking new cock." Dianne got on her knees and I got behind her. Slam your cock in me hard right away," Dianne panted. She was so wet I slipped in easily and buried my cock in her tight pussy.

Even now when Eric gave a languid reminder stroke with his mostly still hard cock, my attention was on Erics cum that squished in me and down my bum. mode=viewprofile&u=1240&sid=be8d3ce1d7f42d36ea93b2dd8872c5d4

Not just the cum, but the idea that I had welcomed a man into my body and made him have an orgasm, and not just an ordinary orgasm, but one that would demand an encore or two.

Paul was pumping his load noisily into Eve now, but my world was still rotating around two pubes, mine and the one currently snuggled to it.

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