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=: )I think "failsatrespondingtocommentsinatimelymanner" is probably a pretty appropriate username for me too. Your suggestions are great for getting the creative juices flowing. Going with some honorific spin on it - HMSHobbledehoy lol! One of mine that's a remnant from a past life is webdevgal. I can make a few usernames from daz_black vines:[email protected]$$-her-noww legs?!

from, it’s a bit like getting an unexpected package in the mail. I’ve certainly had my fair share of long conversations with girlfriends, discussing which usernames would make the best impression. Will he be turned off if I have this as my username? “Choosing a suitable name tells the world how you want to be seen.

It’s fun, and it adds a bit of much-needed intrigue to my day. Consider your intentions: What kind of people do you want to attract? “A name like Twiglet or Kit Kat sends a playful message, while Erininpajamas implies you work at home (or not at all).” That’s not to say that you have to stick to more literal names and avoid cleverness altogether—quite the contrary.

Until I click on the profile, I’m free to daydream about the person on the other end of the wink. Consider having some fun wordplay with your name or initials—Grish references a friend of hers named Alia, who lives in California and chose the catchy CAliafornia as her handle.

It's important to choose a good username for websites.

It's the first thing people will notice, so choose wisely to leave a good impression.

Unfortunately, coming up with a cool username can be hard—it can seem like all the good ones are taken, especially on big social media sites like Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram, where there are literally millions of users.

Just don't forget that if you use your year of birth, most people will recognize it as a year, guess it's your birth year and thus know your Cookie_Monsterob-LIV-ious L.i.z.z.y_John_ eg:moodieintelllligenthappeemischeivous Note: Make sure to change the spelling of the word only slightly, so that its original meaning is still clear.You can also use this to be ironic, by spelling a word like "intelligent" wrong. Examples:xoxo_Karrie_xoxo Oo_Eddie_o O If you're after cute names for your username, there many words that can be used, including in combination with your first name.Instead of the letter "O", use a "0" (a zero)Instead of a "C," use a "K."If there is an "R" in your username add additional ones. However, keep in mind that you'll likely outgrow this username.Use these words below either by themselves with your own name, or combine a few of the words.

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