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* Wed Jul 28 2010 [email protected] Make ocfs2-kmp a Recommend instead of a Requires.This allows easier building of packages which in turn depend on ocfs2-tools.* Wed Jun 30 2010 [email protected] remove ocfs2-kmp dependency, since opensuse kernel does not privide such kmp.- change version string from 1.4.3 to 1.6.0 in ocfs2* Wed Jun 30 2010 [email protected] remove bug-585080-handle-symbolic-link.patch since it's upstream now.- remove version-1.4.3.patch, update to ocfs2-tools 1.6.0 - remove dx_dirs patch set, since they are upstream now.

- ocfs2-tools-static-glib.diff: rename to ocfs2-o2cb_ctl-static-glibc.diff, don't explicitly link pthread anymore.- update ocfs2bz2 to upstream (0a1c1970): - mkfs.ocfs2: enable xattr support as a default feature - Fsck.ocfs2: Correctly check i_size for directory in a sparse filesystem.- fsck.ocfs2: Freshen up some fsck messages - mkfs.ocfs2: Add dry-run option - mkfs.ocfs2: Allocate groups to the extent allocator - libocfs2: Add ocfs2_grow_chain_allocator() - libocfs2: ocfs2_chain_add_group() adds new groups to the next logical chain - mounted.ocfs2: Add the stack/local to the output - mounted.ocfs2: Display uuid in all caps - mkfs.ocfs2: Tweak the feature compatibility list in manpage - mkfs.ocfs2: Print fs features during make * Fri Mar 12 2010 [email protected] 0014-dx_dirs-man-page.diff: add an initial man page entry for indexed-dirs feature.* Wed Jul 03 2013 [email protected] restore-g_list_append.patch: Fix o2cb issues with node listings (bnc#822190) - bug-805764-ocfs2-controld.patch: Fix the race between udev making misc device node and ocfs2 opening that device.- bnc804707-reduce-RR-priority.patch: reduce ocfs2_controld priority to RR.

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