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The TV show that taught 70s kids that throwing benches into the school swimming pool was a really good idea and told 80s kids to 'just say no'.

The show ran for an incredible 30 years before it eventually stopped in 2008.

But what happened to your favourite characters after the school bell rang for the last time? Does some interviews and presenting for a film website and according to his actor profile can do Dutch, Greek, Indian, Irish, Jamaican, Maltese, and Turkish accents. The actor starred in popular 90s show London's Burning.

However, in 1997 he was trapped by a "Fake Sheik" sting which landed him behind bars.

After being released from jail he worked as as a roofer, ­scaffolder and minicab driver. Ross starred as Michelle Fowler in East Enders, and famously had a baby with Dirty Den.

Last year he had a part in a football comedy called What’s The Score? She now works as a director on shows including Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, Larkrise to Candleford, and Getting On. Lisa told Grange Hill Gold that after the show she did a bit of acting before moving to Australia.

She worked in the City after that, and as far as we know she's still doing that! Maguire released an album in the 90s and starred in film 'Meet the Spartans' which was voted 'Worst Film of 2008' by The Times.

His career recently took a turn around when he was cast as Robin Hood on US TV show Once Upon a Time. Alison qualified as a beauty therapist after her time on Grange Hill and set up a recruitment firm in 2005.

Her character Connie Beauchamp now appears on sister show Casualty.

The Village of Malta is located in Malta Township in the western part of De Kalb County. It is said that at that time Malta had a larger business district than De Kalb!

Around 1860 the town had a blacksmith, a wagon maker, a furniture dealer, a shoemaker, a harness maker, a druggist and a hardware store.

Fay, the Village of Malta owes its long term existence to the railroad. Another hotel was built in the fall of 1858 and was called the Orient House.

A portion of the warehouse was used as a hotel and was the first hotel in town.

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Two men by the names of Shedd and Fuller built a warehouse to store grain that they purchased.

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