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Cecil has been cleaning at his home lately, readers.He feels like this is the important story to tell us about today and not anything about the terrifying company that’s invaded the town and taken over the station.True, he might not be to say much, but it’s still irksome that we don’t get any immediate resolution to the last episode’s cliffhanger.So, yes, as you might guessed Cecil has come across some old cassette tapes while going through his closet.There are a few different ways to transform an updo into a chic, retro hairstyle, and one of the best has to be with a headscarf.Wrapped around a volumized chignon, or any other super polished 1950's updo for that matter, headscarves help to create very pretty, practical styles that can be surprisingly versatile.Say, for example, you woke up late and didn't have time to wash your hair.A headscarf will hide your roots with a little retro flair and no one will be any the wiser. When you need to hide unwanted kinks, a headscarf and a little hairspray can go a long way! One of the easiest is to imply roll it up and wrap it around your head with a simple updo such as a topknot or a high bun.

Minimalist headscarves with more subtle prints work better for a professional look whereas a more vibrant design will make a real statement.Finally, use it as a headband alternative with your hair loose.To maintain the retro feel, style some old-school curls first, à la Marilyn Monroe.Mark, Glen, Akira, and Gil are the four disciples of an old Chinese master of the martial arts.The master was killed, his scrolls stolen, and his daughter kidnapped.

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The Karate Blazers set out for revenge for their master, to save the daughter, and to recover the scrolls that unlock the secret techniques for the "Killing" blow.-Karate Blazers arcade manual Karate Blazers is a beat-em-up, martial arts fighting game with four main characters: mercenary Mark, wrestler Glen, "mysterious fighter" Gil, and ninja Akira.

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