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Descriere: În această lună, aveţi șansa să vizionați un documentar extraordinar ce prezintă parcursul Violettei, fenomenul îndrăgit de copiii din întreaga lume.

The only clearly distinct marks found inside the document, are rounded or oblique traces - shapes that are not easily confused with papyrus fibres - which run vertically and horizontally, the researchers said.

The event has been organized by the Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project, the Italian Institute of Culture of Munich, the Cultural Association “Phoenix Pompeji”, and the Forum Italia e. under the auspices of the General Consul of the Italian Republic, Renato Cianfarani.

Here we would like to thank again all participants, organizers, and speakers.

The successful event in Munich was well-attended and widely reported upon in the press, and the underlying theme was: “Preserving the past is an investment in the future.” Although in recent years the number of the visitors to the excavations and the exhibitions devoted to the ancient cities on the slopes of Mt Vesuvius has steadily grown, Pompeii and Herculaneum have been long considered difficult cases in the field of World Heritage conservation.

But in these difficult times, far from the public eye in Germany, new positive developments are taking place in the Gulf of Naples, relying on the great potential of this unique World Heritage for developing science and technology.

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