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So I decided to write about it in unison with my current business project.

If you have always thought of marketing as boring and you are currently having dating woes, you might want to read on.

I realize that there must have been several articles or even a book written about this subject.

I was going through old client documents on my computer when I came across an article I had written over 10 years ago.

As a young & single marketing research analyst, I became enamored with the idea that I could apply marketing principles to my (then) dating life.

In 2005 (when I wrote the article), there weren’t too many websites or articles on “dating for dummies”, “Internet dating tips”, or making a killer dating profile.

Wait, “killer” is probably a bad choice for this topic; making a superb dating profile.

After reading this little gem from the past, I figured I’d publish it as free dating advice.

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