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They paid the check and then walked quickly to the car.

"No, I'm meeting someone, they should be...ahhh, there she is." Jake said, seeing Amy waving at him from her table. Jake slid into the booth across from Amy and started looking at the menu.

As the waitress walked away Jake looked over at Amy.

She was wearing a short colorful sundress along with his favorite bra that almost made it look like her breasts were going to pop out.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, keeping it out of her bright blue eyes.

He still thought she was as sexy now as when they had first met two years ago.

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"You're staring." Jake glanced up to see Amy smiling at him. Too bad we're in public." Jake reached out and rubbed Amy's arm lightly, then he felt her foot rubbing up his leg and onto his thigh. As they ate they looked into each others eyes, knowing exactly what the other was thinking about.

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