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As the creators of the wildly popular Boss theme, we have a team of specialized designers and developers who understand Buddy Press inside and out – both theme and plugin development.We will deliver you a custom tailored, ultra responsive community site with the features that you need.Fill out our quick and easy contact form to get started today! We can turn your vision into a reality with our experienced team.Buddy Press is the backbone of Word Press social networking.If you are looking to create a social network (or a community) on your existing Word Press platform, Buddy Press is the plugin you want.The plugin “unlocks” the social networking capabilities of Word Press.In other words, Buddy Press allows users to register and create profiles, post messages, build connections, create groups and generally socialize.Buddy Press’ author at Word says the plugin is “social networking in a box”, and I tend to agree.

This creates uniformity across your site but you can pick your own custom colors to create contrast and encourage user engagement. Download Buddy Press Social With a social networking site comes all types of users.

There are civil users who are cool to hang out with, and then there sploggers, spammers and those who are addicted to profanity.

To maintain a decent social network worth its salt, you will need to catch profanity before it degrades your pages.

If you have doubts about the power of Buddy Press, check out the following examples: To create an appealing and powerful Buddy Press social network, you need a killer theme (or a designer), time, and a couple of plugins that stretch Buddy Press beyond the remits of imagination.

Today’s post will introduce you to ten of the best Buddy Press plugins you must try on your Buddy Press installation.

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