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Here's how we know that Braids, Buns, and Twists, the new book by braiding expert Christina Butcher, is the best hair guide out there: Because the girl in the photo above with the really awesome braid crown is Butcher herself.

As another fun option, if you would rather style a "mane" with your unicorn horn, you could make a series of messy buns, a pull-through braid, a french/dutch braid, curls, or faux hawk behind your horn instead of the ponytail.

In our video tutorial (above) we also show a great technique for wrapping hair around the top of your ponytail for a pretty every day look... Surprisingly enough though, recently we have actually seen a few unicorn hairstyles becoming sort of a "thing" in fashion magazines, tv shows, and around the internet.

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If you've got second day hair, you're off to a good start"Where To Wear It: "I like it for a party style if you have a beautiful necklace." THE BRAIDED SIDE BUNButcher's Tip: "Back comb the ponytail.

I don't like to see the donut of the bun, so by back combing you create a little more texture.

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Then I mess it up a little bit and create more unevenness. Rough it up."Where to Wear It: "Lunch or hanging out with the girls.

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