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In particular, NGOs are increasingly utilizing information and communication technologies such as smartphones and social media which enable a growing number of citizens to document the electoral process and to share their observations with their peers in near real-time.In a time of increasing mobile telephony and social media use, chances are that some citizens will witness intimidation, vote-buying, ballot box stuffing, miscounting of votes, or erroneous voter registration lists, and spread these observations via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or one of a growing number of dedicated hailed by enthusiasts as the way to enhance electoral integrity by unleashing the untapped potential of the ‘crowd’ to monitor wrongdoings and to hold electoral authorities as well as political parties and candidates accountable.Yet others caution against the dangers of hate speech and viral spread of misinformation, or simply expect more incremental change if any.At present, little systematic evidence is available to evaluate the merit of these rival claims.are reaching an ever increasing number of people, including in many low and middle income countries.Despite a persisting digital divide, 40% of the global population is now online and the number of mobile phone subscriptions exceeds the world population (ITU 2013).Mobile phones facilitate mobilization, information acquisition, and everyday political talk online.NThe program aims to assess the trends of domestic monitoring with special attention to the technological 'affordances' (Earl and Kimport 2011) that enable many of these initiatives.

This can increase the amount of information as well as public participation.Domestic election monitoring efforts are situated along a continuum from organizationally-brokered collective action to crowd-enabled connective action (Bennett & Segerberg 2013).The changed electoral information environment in the digital era can be captured by the concept of crowdsourcing.The German Bundestag is the national Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the current electoral term, Parliament is composed of 630 Members.This is the 18th electoral term since the establishment of the Federal Republic in 1949.

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