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Presumably there will be no job offers for his own son.Jermaine Jakes' sexuality and after dark activities have long been rumored among black gay men across the South.

The famous prologue, however, was shot on the gritty Manhattan streets, in the West 60s (amid tenements about to be torn down to make way for Lincoln Center) and in Spanish Harlem (around East 110th Street).Dancers sustained some injuries from leaping about on the hard pavement, but those weren't the only injuries they risked.Locals harassed the performers by throwing rocks and dropping objects off roofs until the filmmakers hired an actual street gang to protect them.2. To complicate matters, authorities say Jermaine Jakes exposed himself to two male undercover vice detectives. The son of prominent, anti-gay black televangelist Bishop T. Jakes has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

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