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One of the residents is Richie Caskey, who seems to truly be working hard to complete his parole so he can move back in with his wife and resume his pre-prison life.

Carisi learns that Caskey was convicted of raping a waitress while he was extremely drunk at a bachelor party.

Unfortunately, Caskey always seems to be missing from the shelter when the crimes are committed, causing Carisi to waver between believing Caskey’s innocence and his accepting his possible guilt.

When Sophie’s father attempts to beat Carisi with a baseball bat outside of the shelter, it’s Caskey who steps in to defend Carisi, further complicating Carisi’s feelings toward the man.

Carisi is aware that Caskey has a lawyer, Tom Zimmerman, who’s trying to get his client’s sex offender status reduced so the man can return home to the woman who stood by him through his incarceration.

When the group therapist is murdered, Carisi points to another shelter resident, a man named Loomis.

A search of Loomis’ room turns up some keys, which lead to a storage locker.

Some evidence is found in the locker that ties Loomis to a few other rapes but not the most current assaults.

Finally, Carisi reveals his true motives and identity to Caskey and brings the suspect in to question him.While Caskey and Zimmerman are in the squad room, they cross paths with one of the victims who makes a startling statement about the identity of her attacker.In interrogation, Benson and Carisi inform Caskey and Zimmerman that they have enough evidence to get a search warrant for Caskey’s apartment. When the detectives conduct the search, they find a bag containing items of jewelry that belonged to several of the victims Back in interrogation, Benson and Carisi tell the men what they found and that they’re making an arrest – but, surprise, they’re not arresting Caskey, they’re arresting Zimmerman.precinct were a bit skeptical of the true abilities of Detective Sonny Carisi when he arrived a mere two years.At first, the less-than-polished detective clearly didn’t know what he didn’t know, but that didn’t stop him from brashly plowing his way through everything – evidence, suspects, even victims.

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