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However, unless you both wear blindfolds, the best – and much easier way – to accomplish this feat is to be separated from your partner in copulation by a wall (with a hole in it). While many people think of a gloryhole as nothing but an urban legend, those people would be wrong.I am going to be honest with all of you and tell you that I have never personally used a gloryhole.But I have seen them and I have witnessed them being used.Another myth I can dispel is those that think gloryholes are only used by gay men.Yes, the gloryhole has had its major use and growth in the gay community, but again, using myself as an example, it was in a straight sexual environment that I had my run in with the gloryholes.

The ability to stick your dick through a hole and have someone on the other side (male or female, whatever your preference) suck and stroke it until you cum is truly a wonderful thing.However, sometimes getting to a gloryhole just isn’t possible and when those times occur may I suggest Rabbits Cams?!However, before we get to that lets take a quick look at why those who love gloryholes, appreciate them so much!Read the rest of this entry » It is pretty common knowledge in the tech community that many of the advances we have today have been made possible by the porn industry.When we think of the growth of home video technologies from the VRC and VHS to DVDs, they were able to grow like they did because of porn.

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But, while porn has been a leader in the high-tech realm, one doesn’t always need the latest technology to get off.

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