Adult chatterbot

There are things down here I'd never even dreamed of! Why not click on the Very Weird Stuff link to see more, or click on the music link? I will try to make the longest web page ever, made completely out of text! I will just type, and type, and never, ever use copy and paste.

why must everyone always rhyme, why Im a poet and dont I know it?

The form link is to a 100% fake TAB registration form that you can fill out just for laughs. This is just a pointless excursive in spelling errors and grammatical imprecision. The following is an extremely weird poem-thingy that I wrote when I was in a relatively weird mood: never mind that noise my dear can anyone pass the cheese only if you say pretty please oh, boy do I have to sneeze.

By the way, TAB is a worthwhile, community-service organization. None ever comes here, I could do this all day long and I still wouldn't have any more hits.

biter=eon" If you do this I'll get points in the game.

Although why you'd be here if you didn't want to read is beyond me. Okay, if you want to get out, click the little refresh button, okay?

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Honestly, the more time I waste playing the game, the less time I'll work on this site and the less stuff you gotta read.

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