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I woke about an hour later to Cassandra licking my pussy and she knew what she was doing and Cynthia was behind her fucking her with her strap-on, once I climaxed into Cassandra' mouth, we finally went to sleep for the rest of the night , just holding each other.We spent the rest of the weekend talking ad having sex, it was the best weekend I have had in a long time, but it is a sad one because it could be the last with Cynthia, I love her so much and I don't want her to go but her parents have been given an opportunity that they couldn't refuse, by Sunday night we have had sex with each other5 times and I had sex with Cassandra 3 times, Cassandra and I walked home together hand in hand, I think we both know this could be the start of a wonderful relationship Part 3 - The principle wants a piece of the action After the weekend I had with Cynthia and my new friend, I didn't care that school was tomorrow, I spent Sunday night watching tv and chatting to my sisters about what happened over the weekend, mum cooked a great dinner like usual, once dinner was over I went and had a shower and got into my pj's, the are pink with whiney the poo all over them, even though I am 17 years old I still love whiney, I went and wish mum and my sisters a good night sleep and than I went to bed, before I went to sleep I decided to have my nightly masturbate, once I climaxed I gave myself a taste of my juices and like usual it tasted so nice, I fell asleep dreaming about my girl friend and my new friend Cassandra.

Once we were ready we both hoped onto the bed and Cynthia got between my legs ready to make her first move, she turned the vibrator on and rubbed up and down my pussy and it was agony the way she was doing it to me I was ready to cum in her mouth after that, than she started to lick my pussy and god was it good, she inserted the vibrator into my pussy just below were she was licking my pussy and I knew I was about to cum a million time in her mouth it was that good, than she started to suck on my pussy and that much better I knew I was about to cum and I think she new because she increased her sucking of my pussy and she turned the vibrator on full ball, I was starting to squirm when she did and I was about to cum a million times."ohhh Cynthia I am cummming fuck faster and harder than ever before fuck me good babe" Emma said With those word ringing in her ear Cynthia increased her pace, as soon as she did that I cumed in her mouth it was like a water faucet, once I had stopped cumming in my lovers mouth Cynthia moved up to my face and she kissed me so I could taste my own juices and they tasted nice, I have tasted my own cumm before but not like this , than Cynthia start to lick the vibrator and she was loving it , than she said its ur turn and I was so looking forward to this .

Cynthia went and lay on her back and spread her legs wide open for me, I got between her lags and looked at her hairy but very nice pussy and I smiled back at her.

I started to lick her pussy just like my sister showed me when she was fucking her girl friend, than I turned the vibrator on and inserted it into her pussy below were I was licking and I felt her jump a bit, so I took it out than she shouted put it back in so I did, her pussy was so hot I just loved it with every lick I took, I started to lick and suck harder and faster and I knew she was loving it, I inserted the vibrator in a bit further and she was screaming with delight I could feel she was about to cum a million times in my mouth when she started to clinch and grab the bed sheets." ooooohhh Emma I am cumming for you my sweet lover fuck me faster and harder baby " Cynthia said With those wonderful word I increased my licking and sucking of her pussy, it was so wonderful, I was licking the girl I love and she was about to cum in my mouth, after a lot of sucking and licking the moment had arrived, with one last lick and suck Cynthia dumped her load into my mouth, it tasted fantastic, I moved up to her face and I kissed he so she could taste her own juices and I know she loved it.

We lay next to each other, we fell asleep holding each other, I woke up it would have been about 7 o'clock to see my 4 sisters and my mum looking at us and smiling, when Cynthia woke up she wasn't startled she just smiled back, we knew than that we loved each other, I walked her home after dinner, when we got to her gate we kissed and we said our good byes and said that I will see you tomorrow, I walked home in a daze dreaming about Cynthia all the way home, I was ready for all the questions from my mum and sisters, but they just congratulated me for finding someone.

Part 2Cynthia and I have been dating now for a month, our secret is still safe we haven't told anyone and to be honest no one needs to needs to know, only my mum and my sisters know we are a couple and we haven't been going around holding hands and kissing in public like most couples, we know how we feel for each other and it has been fun, we borrow each others clothes and jewelry just like sisters would.

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Cynthia's parents decided to go on a holiday and they left the house to Cynthia and her 2 older sisters and she invited me to stay at her place for the weekend, her place is probably the biggest place in ascot, it has a tennis court, a swimming pool and 6 bedrooms, its absolutely huge, her sisters where going to be at their fiends places over the weekend and we had the house to ourselves and she had a fiend at our rival school in field hockey that was a lesbian, but had not experimented in having sex with another girl and Cynthia thought it would be fun to try a threesome with her and teach her the finer things of lesbian sex.

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