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A young woman might not fall for a 'grandparents scam' (in which con artists pose as a grandchild in trouble) but she might fall for a weight loss scheme or a juice cleanse or an anti-aging cream because she feels insecure about aging. Other states with high rates of fraud include: Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia. Lonely The AARP's 2014 report says that 66 percent of victims say that they "often or sometimes feel isolated." Dating sites are prime territory for fraud, partly because online encounters blur the lines between real and Internet relationships, says another AARP article.

Loneliness can make people vulnerable to believing that their prayers have been answered, even when a "dream partner" met online is too good to be true.

(This Financial Fraud Research Center diagram gives a detailed breakdown.) Victims include older people, yes, but also younger ones. In other words, while everyone is vulnerable, some people may be more vulnerable to particular scams than others. In a phone interview with Money Talks News, Marti De Liema, postdoctoral research fellow at the Financial Fraud Research Center, said: 2. Elders do get hit hard by scammers and they're more likely to lose a significant amount of money to fraud, but generally that's largely because scammers pick on them more.AARP's 2014 report, Caught in the Scammer's Net, lists risk factors that make adults more likely to become victims of certain types of fraud. Some susceptibility does come with age-related decline.Researchers have found that older people can have a harder time spotting liars, probably because of a decline in "emotional recognition," or the ability to read others' emotions accurately, the fraud researchers at the Stanford center said.But elders' long experience in life also helps them spot fraud.On balance, they aren't more susceptible than anyone else.

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De Liema says: We have found that older adults are disproportionately targeted, but once they are targeted they are not more likely to be victims.

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