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* [ e Rez Imaging Server] - Dynamic Imaging Server * [ Eyebrowse] - a browser for Unix mbox format mail archives + * [ Videos] - Video search engine * [ Fast Find] - A Desktop Search that index the names of your files and permit lightning fast retrieval using regular expression queries.

The following page has been changed by online wiz: By ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * [ - a search engine for discussion forums.

Coolposting helps you find the real solutions, experiences and opinions people have posted in different discussion forums.

* [ Corinis CCM] - a web content management and community system * [ Cv Mail] - web based tool for recruiters (to manage job-applications by mail) + * [ Online Education] - a online education resource website * [ DBSight] - search engine RAD tool on any database, without changing existing schema, highly scalable and customizable.

Web based, no Java/Lucene experience required, good for learning Lucene. * [ dialo.de] - yellow and white page directory for Germany.

Users review businesses to determine the best restaurants, doctors and so on * [ Digital Case] - Case Western Reserve University's digital library, repository and archive, stores, disseminates, and preserves the intellectual output of Case faculty, departments and research centers in digital formats.

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